Saturday, March 23, 2013

The First Two Months

For a long time, I debated on whether I would even be in the ministry. I was going to pursue law at OU. Then I was going to teach music as a band director. Then I was going to do church music, then back to band directing. And now I'm in the one profession I said I'd never enter: youth ministry. And I love it. It's varied but has a formula. It is detached (especially since until May, I live an hour away from the church) but so close. And it fills my mind but doesn't stress me out. I love youth ministry. But the average job-span of a youth pastor at any single church is almost 2 years. Two years? It takes a congregation four to fully trust a pastor. So how anyone do anything worthwhile in two? My youth pastor has been at my home church in Ardmore for... 16 years? Enough time to influence multiple classes of students and give the world some really good thinkers. So how did a man who didn't even want to do youth ministry end up in it? Like I said, I was going to study law in high school. I was a heathen at this time. I switched to band directing, still a heathen. After I got saved my sophomore year of college, I wanted to do church music; be a worship leader. But eventually I fell out of wanting to do that and switched back to wanting to do band directing. I did that switch because this summer I helped out with Plainview High School's trumpets and then I went to Noble and helped their trumpets. The next week was ECU's band camp and I served as drum major that season. So for three straight weeks, I was teaching and leading band students. I was so ready to teach high school students about music! All of a sudden though, God changed my heart. Right before Christmas break, Randy Townshend, my BSU director, got a call from Clay Hicks- pastor of Erin Springs Baptist in Lindsay. We had never met Clay and had certainly never heard of Erin Springs. Literally after getting off the phone with him, I walked into Randy's office and he told me about the opening. Everything in me told me to take the post. I got Clay's number and called him to set up a meeting. I met with him in Lindsay a few days after Christmas and then met with the board the next week. I was hired on at the beginning of January. When I first got onto Erin Spring's campus, there was a real peace there. My spirit was calmed. The funny thing about this feeling is that when two of my good friends came with me one Sunday morning, they felt it too. We all three left Lindsay knowing God was moving there. My first Wednesday there, God put five kids there. The next week ten, then fifteen, then SEVENTEEN!. We've been averaging about 14 a week now from January to March. God is moving in Erin Springs and I pray that He chooses to use me long term. There are many outliers that I have to deal with; some I am very happy to and some that bring me sorrow. I don't want to leave Ada. It is my home and I love it. Yes, even the crappy light on 14th and Mississippi. But God is calling me away from there. If things work how I am picturing them, it will be for the very best.However, if God chooses an alternate and better way than what I am thinking I will thank Him all the more. He knows what is best! Pray for me and I'll try to keep consistent on posting what is going on at ESBC. Again, and I love saying this... God is moving. His will be done.