Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amicus Fidelis

There was once a man; a blind man who had seen a glimpse of light. This glimpse, though small, had reoccurred at odd intervals in his life. Although he saw it, he did not know what to call it. This glimpse was not part of himself, nor was it an experience he could articulate with his limited knowledge of things seen; it simply was and he simply observed these stabs of light as they penetrated his perpetual darkness.

Now, in the same city he was in, he had heard of a person that could help him articulate what he had thought he'd seen. The person named Amicus was one who had experience with blind people who saw glimpses like these; it was said that Amicus could help them see.

And so the man set out of his dwelling to where Amicus was supposedly located and when the sun almost was at it's highest, he had been helped to her seat. He could feel her bearing down on him, just as a stalker finds those they stalk. It was very uncomfortable at first, but then it was normal after days of this.

In the days since they met, Amicus asked the man many questions. What gods he worshiped, whether he was married, what he did as occupation. She got to know him and they became friends; but he was still blind.

One day, at their meeting, Amicus said to the man, 'It is time you were healed.' As Amicus placed her hand over the man's eyes, the light began to expand inside the man's view. This former glimpse had turned into a full fledged light source. When the man awoke, he did a weird thing. He observed his surroundings. He was no longer blind! In his joy, he got up from where he laid and looked for Amicus to offer his thanks.

When the man found Amicus, he was surprised. She was crippled herself! The nature of the injury was unknown to him; she had never mentioned it. He finally concluded that it probably wasn't important at all and they shared tea together. At evening, he thanked her and went to his home to view it for the first time.

The next day, he went to call upon her to have tea and visit again so that he could share some of his sight-based adventures. However, she was busy with another patient and could not visit. So he left back to his home.

The next day, he did the same thing but the house guard who had been showing him in during his blind days said she could not meet; so he left again.

The next day, he went to speak with Amicus and neither she nor the house guard spoke to him. He was simply shown the way that took him away from the house.

At this point, the man was hurt. However, he let go of these feelings. He had the light because Amicus had shown it to him and that was enough to be grateful for. He didn't understand the nature of her injury, but he did understand that despite current trends and appointments with other patients, Amicus was indeed faithful. She simply needed time to work on herself and the patients she worked with; and so the man left her to her work knowing that his faithful friend was doing the work of the light.

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