Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Distractions, Distractions

Recently, I fell in love with a girl who seemed absolutely perfect. She could keep up with my intellect and understood my sense of humor. And she, herself, was funny as well. All the things that make a girl dateable, she has. However, we didn’t go through with it and are still only good friends today, which is fine because in hindsight, I see why it is good that it didn’t work out. Through all the pain and sorrow, God had a purpose and it came into fruition through months of working out the ‘whys’.
There is one thing people of the opposite sex seem to always come with; the pure ability to distract us from our God. There are plenty of other distractions: video games, music, Facebook, books, school, family, friends. Dating just happens to be the easiest thing to distract us.

God made us a sexual people; He placed that desire for high relationship with another human of opposite gender in us. That relationship isn’t to take His place though. It is to strengthen our relationship with Him. Our response to marriage should be, “Thank you God, for You have blessed us very highly.” As far as the dating saying can take us, we must ‘leave room for Jesus between us’.

The good things in life can turn bad when it keeps us from the best things. We can only allow a relationship so far as we can continually keep Christ on the forefront of our thoughts; all else is only a distraction.

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