Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trusting God for Everything: Easier Said Than Done

This is actually a really ironic thing for me to write, because like everyone else, I scramble around like a chicken with its head cut off when something doesn’t fit into my plan. At this moment in time, I am very short on cash with two bills coming up and no cash inflow coming until February. In an earthly kind of way, I’m what they call, “so very poor”. And so I can do nothing for myself.
This is the condition God finds us most useful; broken and poor; in one word, destitute. When we’re not in this condition, we’re happy (or at least not in lack). We don’t need God to provide us for everything we need; we’ve got this. And then a storm hits; we lost a large sum of money, our significant other or spouse has left us, everything seems to go wrong at just the right time. And so we get on our knees and say, “Hey, God. It’s me again. I’m in that situation again…”

This is not a Christian walk; it is a lie. You have friends whom you talk to daily; but you have ‘friends’ whom you talk to when you’re in need of their specialized talent. He wants your needs spoken to Him. He doesn’t need it because He is God; not in need of anything that we can give. He wants it; no, desires it.

‘Ask and you shall receive.’

This verse trips a lot of people out. They expect immediate gratification from God. But often we forget that He lives in a realm not harnessed with time and space. We get impatient because we have a biological clock that ticks closer to expiration every second.
Will you trust God to provide what you need? Will you ask it of Him in time of need, or thank him in time of prosperity? Will you talk to your friend? Trust in Him; He knows what He is doing because He’s been around the block before.

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