Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'I Want Thyself; Only Thyself'

As the story goes, St. Thomas Aquinas was praying one day in a cathedral. During his prayer, he had a vision of the Christ-statue, which hung crucified, detaching from its cross mounting. The statue spoke to him and said that he has written well and He would give him one thing that he desired most.

Thomas was an avid reader and was grateful most that he ‘remembered and understood every page he had ever read’. However, the humble man knew exactly what he wanted. He replied, “I want Thyself; only Thyself.”


Whether this vision really happened or not, wow. How often do we think, ‘I really wish God would throw me a bone… Or a corvette… Or a girlfriend… Or a boyfriend…’? How many things do we place on our list of desires in front of the One who can fulfill all of our deepest wants and all of our deepest needs?

Thomas hit the nail on the head. He saw his depravity, and kept his carnal wants in check. He saw that he needed the One who can give him everything else. Do you desire this same outlook? Do you want to go deeper than a new car? Do you fully desire the One who has truly earned the first spot?

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