Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five Things That Annoy Me In Pokemon

I'm sure the majority of us have played, or attempted to play, Pokemon. This is one of my most favorite games of all time. It's just a fun game and there's always something to do. Find that Pokemon you're missing so you can catch them all. Over and over again. In this game though, there's some junk that just annoys you. Here's the top five annoyances of one of the greatest franchises of our time.

5) Freaking Zubat. You know what's up. Walking through a cave... Take a step. Time to battle. Hopefully that Clefairy will appear. But no. It's just Zubat again for the hundredth time in a minute. What do you do? None of your Pokemon can one-hit it yet. Run? Oh, great. "Can't escape". Catch it? I already have five. So you decide to battle it. Which brings us to number four.

4) Confusion. Why, why, WHY?! You're battling this freaking Zubat. And it confuses your Pokemon. There's literally NOTHING you can do about it except watch your Pokemon take damage from itself. I guess just try and run again. "Can't escape". Greeeaaaat...

3) Level Sixty Metapods. It speaks for itself.

2) Having to have gay HMs. Flash. Rock Smash. These are terrible HMs. They do little-to-no damage and you use them once, maybe twice. In short, I hate these HMs a lot.

1) Gary Oak (or the equivalent of). You get out of the cave. Your Pokemon are almost all fainted. You're LITERALLY. THREE. TILES. AWAY. from the Pokemon Center. And he comes out and says, "Hey, I challenge you to a battle LAWL HERP DERP!" I really hate this little group of pixels. Him and his Pidgeot, Gyrados, Executor, Alakazam, Cloyster, and Flareon\Jolteon\Vaporeon. I hate you, Gary Oak...

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