Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Had A Dream

For those of us who were in the band room yesterday from two to three, it was an epic moment of triumph. Jesse Milam and I took down Cody Rowe in a battle of physical prowess... For like twenty seconds. It was legit. Anyways, after convincingly defeating Papa Bear in this battle, my day went on like normal. That night, however, I had one of the top five most epic dreams I've ever had. And I will share it with you.

First, though, know that in the real fight Cody threw Jesse into me and we were knocked down and there were at least two Falcon Punches thrown. One in mid air. It was awesome.

This dream started like any other day. I woke up to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, got dressed, ate my daily raptor leg, and went to class. Later, I went to Intro to Music Ed. This is where my day got a little strange. Stepping into the class, I fell into a pit filled with skulls. On the other end was Cody Rowe, chewing on a leg bone. He spat it out and looked with one eye on me. The other one was looking... It's not important. We stared each other down until someone else came falling down. Jesse landed with a thud looked at us. "Oh..." he said, eyes narrowing towards Cody. It was on.

I nodded and Cody growled like a bear. He had already started running at us! In two minutes he would get to our side of the pit! Getting our game plan ready, Jesse and I ran towards Cody. About ten feet away from him, I pivoted and got on all fours bent over, while Jesse ran and jumped off my back eight feet in the air, sword raised on high, yelling "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cody stuck his hand up, parrying the blow with raw power. Jesse fell to the ground. Cody put a foot on his chest, giving a blood curdling war cry. "WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I looked up, charging a Falcon Punch. Running at the giant, my fist started to gain power and fire. Screaming out the epic words, "FALCON! PUUUUNCH!!!"

Cody stuck an arm out, swatting my comparably smaller frame to the wall. Everything went black. When I came too, Cody was holding Jesse up by his neck in the air. Jesse's sword was on the ground below his feet. I couldn't get to it. Reason one, it was within his stomping range. Reason two, two black bears were closing in on me. Literal bears! One grabbed me and held me up by my waist, while the other growling menacingly. "Come here and say that to my face", I said to the bear. It understood and lumbered over, teeth bared. As it roared, I poked the bear holding me in the eyes, fell down why getting cut on it's claws. Charging another Falcon Punch, I jumped at the other bear, effectively ending it's life with my fiery fist. The first bear dashed at me, however, this time I was ready. Dodging it's first blow to my neck, I gave it an uppercut to it's freaking face. The bear grabbed it's broken face in pain, as I grabbed fur and drove it to the spiked wall, impaling it onto the side, just like in Gladiator. I looked back. Cody was about to eat Jesse!

I yelled, "Leave Jesse alone, Lazy Eye!" His eyes locked on me and he dropped my friend. He began walking, as did I. My walk turned into a run, fist blazing again. However, this time, I was smarter. Jumping, I raised my fist. Cody stuck his leg out to block me! "Perfect", I thought. Landing on his leg, he tried to punch at him with his right arm. I grabbed hold of it, and used it to pull myself even closer. The Falcon Punch made direct contact with his head.

Landing, my momentum pushed me off balance and I slid on my shoulder to the base of the other wall. I looked back to see Cody's head exploded. We had won. Jesse and I defeated Bear Master Cody Rowe.

Then I woke up.


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