Tuesday, June 15, 2010

People That Annoy Me

Justin Beiber
Perez Hilton
All the Kardashians
Jon plus four
Kate plus four
Tom Cruise post-Xenofever
Ronald McDonald
Harper Lee
Snape Kills Dumbledore
The guy that plays Spiderman
Rune Master, epic master of the Rune Tables at Noble, OK
That governor who got impeached for trying to sell Obama's senate seat
Miley Cyrus
Joan Rivers
Pat Robertson
Glen Beck
'Papa Bear' Bill O' Reilly
Anderson Copper
NANCY Pelosi
Flavor Flav (Who, until recently, I thought he spelled it "Flavuh" but he spelled it right.)
Ray- J (Don't know who that is. But Ray- J isn't a real name)
Celine Dion
J- Lo
Chad Johnson (Ochocinco)
Everyone on every celebrity show (ET, Red Carpet coverage on E. I mean, c'mon. Who REALLY is interested in what suit Clooney is wearing while he goes to win some Oscars? I'd rather watch the Soup. It's waaaay funnier.)
People who are famous for nothing, including...
Paris Hilton
Those three hot chicks in that one new show (Oh wait, there are five shows like that)
The Real Housewives of Whatever County (Or Parish) We Want to Spotlight Next
Nicole Ritchie (My spell check didn't even try to correct that name. I think it's gay.)

Did I mention Justin Beiber?

Heck, there are tons more. And for everyone one of those tards, there are ten waiting to be "discovered". I honestly can't stand these people. They are the bane of me.

I may get famous for this. Then I will become that which I hate. D:

aklcvnh iohzdfj ii zdofjb ioc

THAT STUPID KID IS CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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