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Wormwood Finds a New Toy

For those of you who have read C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, good for you. It's a great book and I highly recommend it to everyone. For those of you who haven't though, here's a brief explanation. C.S. Lewis wrote this book as a series of letters from Screwtape, a demon, to his nephew Wormwood, a beginning demon learning how to twist humans to fall. The style which Lewis wrote it is kind of backwards. The human he is trying to drag down is known as "the Patient", God is known as "The Enemy", and things we as humans see as sins are virtues for the tempters.

Here's a Wikipedia link to the full summary. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Screwtape_Letters

Anyways, here it is.

ONE (Patient Age: Junior High, High school Freshman)

My dear Wormwood,

This new human you've been tempting, while setting a front of supreme love for The Enemy, is weaker than you might expect. These "holier than thou" types are almost always the easiest to turn downwards. In his earlier life, you had him. You had beaten this child but he gathered with these Christians and grew stronger. And he was unbeatable for along as he was with them. However, when he came to be cocky (as this one is prone to be), you started to strike- from what you've told me.

You made him think and think a lot. "Why do God's people contradict each other so much?" You made him doubt his new found love. You made it what humans call "puppy love". So far, you have acted perfectly. As soon as you began this, you will end it... If you keep this up. Now, you haven't the insight to see what you've done. I will explain your process to you.

Firstly, you provided doubts before this new feeling of worth took hold. You whispered, "Why does He not stop this fighting between Christians?" "Why doesn't He provide you with what others have?" You exploited doubt and jealousy, and of this, I am proud.

Second, you maintained that separation by distracting him with other things. At this age, the Patient is getting into school more seriously. He likes this thing called "musick". He enjoys watching the pretty females (If one thinks pretty is with smooth skin, light hair, and fit physique. I tend to not). He loves this television box machine the humans invented. You distracting him, you did the man in England, has paid off.

Lastly, you introduced those already under your influence to the Patient. You made the feeling of following peers vital to this boy. But, this is not the genius of your plan. The real showmanship came from keeping them close enough to influence the Patient, but far enough away to keep him wanting more friendship. While at the human school building, they will acknowledge him as long as he acts as they do; despite his ill fated attempts at denying, in favor of school mates who like him.

You kept him doubting, separated from the Enemy, and influenced by all the right sources. You, Wormwood, are a fine tempter and I am proud of you. Keep up your work, and you'll be at my level soon enough.

Your affectionate uncle,


TWO (Patient Age: Sophomore- Senior Highschool)


What you have sent me is disturbing. Not a year ago, you had this boy in the center of your concentration. You had even reserved his hole in Hell. Luckily, these are refundable. Unfortunately, it is a great embarrassment to our clan. Needless to say, GET HIM BACK! Below, are ways that you already know. I feel as though I need to reiterate them, however. I seem to think that you have yet to grasp these concepts.

First, you have told me that the Enemy has made a reappearance in his poor life. This cannot do. Our holy Enemy is, much to our dismay, too powerful to dance with. He loves these creatures for some reason and will do everything to see them safe. We must act first. Get him to doubt with deeper questions, like, "If God is good, why is there evil in the world?" or "Can God create a rock so big that He, Himself, cannot lift it?" At this point in his life, this boy hasn't had the nature and reason of God revealed to him. From what you've said, this boy is an idealistic child. He wants to believe the best and is affected by the worst. Even slight feelings send him into depression.

This brings me to my second point. Make it all seem hopeless. Give him no light to see with. His grades, his family, his friendships. These real friendships are disturbing news, but we can use them to our advantage. From what you've said, a large part of the people he knows are already in our camp. This is great news. Use them. Allow him to think that little sins are okay. God will always forgive him. That is a very popular ideology in America. Our resident Holiologist, Vergile, says that although works will not save a soul, they show that our Enemy is working with the human and the human is working with the Enemy. You said that he has thought this? Use it then, nephew. Make him think he is dirt. That God will never love him.

Finally, bring back his distractions. Allow him to be SO preoccupied, that he will only get to think about these questions you want him to. In fact, lead him to a female. This will up his arrogance and his distractions, as well as possibly supply some other things to work with. This small bit of happiness is an investment. Use it when it has matured. And remember this, nephew: Separation.

Your affectionate uncle,


THREE (Patient age: Freshman, university)

My dearest Wormwood,

My congratulations on this accomplishment! You have defeated the Enemy in this instance. You now control this boy. You've beaten his spirit, you've destroyed any real faith he had. You have him! You have him in the perfect position. He is in our camp, thinking that he is in the Enemy's. This his relationship with the female and his other friends from his former school are proof of this. He is fully distracted and happy! Wormwood, I cannot express my complete and utter excitement. I have even put in for your Masters in Recruiting. You are a natural at this. Although you've had past troubles, I think you finally understand. Again, I am proud.

But, you've never made it this far with a Patient. So, remember these things.

Maintain this empty support for the Enemy. When he thinks that he is doing Christian things, he doesn't know that he is in danger. He is none the wiser to our plans. In conjunction with this, keep him distracted but minutely focused on Him. Make him doubt more. Make him like our human pets: cold, hardened, and unforgiving. Show him the correct way to live, in other words.

For this kind of human, I advise depression and jealousy in terms of his significant other and who she associates with. Make the human jealous of the other males who talk to the female and then make him depressed because she doesn't love him. It is the easiest way to keep this human in submission.

Lastly, reintroduce the sense of wanting to be accepted in these new circles of friends. Show him what he has to do to be accepted and be confident that he will do this.

Wormwood, you are the tempter I've always wanted you to be.

Your loving uncle,


FOUR (Patient Age: Sophomore, first term. University)


What you sent me is only of mild concern. A friend invited him to a church gathering. This friend, saturated with the presence of the Enemy, is the only real threat. We've used this Patient's friends his whole young adult life. We have manipulated him in the ways he wanted and it has worked. This new friend, though... I don't think this will happen but be advised. The reciprocal of what we've done could happen. But don't tarry on this thought! You're a skilled tempter!

Do well



That is how a master operates! When the Enemy sends one man against us, we send five back at him! Very well done, Wormwood. I am more proud yet! His heart has hardened. He is cold. Even his being separated from this female is working in our favor! He doesn't even care for his empty love of the Enemy. If you want to, I would even begin scoping out a new Patient to work with. Perhaps a roommate for our current one.

Proudly announcing his relation to you,

Screwtape, uncle of Wormwood

FIVE (Patient age: Sophomore, second term. University)


What you have sent me... It is unbelievable. It is impossible. I almost think it a laugh at my expense. This Patient, the one you had so UTTERLY under your grasp; so FIRMLY controlled... I can hardly even write the words. Suffice to say, you have lost. The Enemy has shown himself in a powerful way to this boy. He has revealed his love, his kindness, and his forgiveness. DISGUSTING! He has even shown him how to know the Enemy through two friends of his. Both of them permeated with his presence. He has won this boy over in little more than a wink of one of his eye hairs.

Unbelievable... Wormwood, read carefully. Nothing that you can do will work. Move on to a new soul for capturing. This one is claimed and marked by our Enemy.




In light of your recent failings, you've been allowed to keep your degrees and your job. In future recruitment efforts, however, I hope you do take more care to firmly drown out the sound of God. If you need any other advice, you know I am open for questioning at anytime.

A person who knows you,


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