Friday, June 18, 2010

The Man Who Was Not

It's been a long and terrible time hence
Since I was able to ride the fence
My sense of apathy now since shot,
A fatal error in my selfish plot

I'd never been ever so near
To what I'd opposed and even feared
I never guessed that I would ever think
That even I could be on the brink

'The brink of what', I so inquired
'Of religion, faith, the holy spire!'
Never, not me, I'm too far-gone
So sick and tired of nothing done

'No children fed, no homeless sheltered
I've never seen a Christian who felt
The way I do towards the oppressed
Never a bead of sweat upon his neck.'

'But do you realize" a voice said near
'That you have been placed over here
To work out things that are not yet here
Destined to happen in the coming year

Your scope of vision, is it so low
That you would completely disregard
Your calling, your cause, your destiny
In favor of something more senselessly

Senselessly devoted to yourself
Never wanting to provide any help
You sit there and theorize in your brain
But you never realize, it simply drains

Can't you see? You've been called out
Show my people what you're all about
How they are so selfish in the world
And how you have the righteous word."

In that moment I then felt like
My sense of apathy and of myself
Were gone away forever, Amen
That what I feared so long had a plan

Not for my ruin but for me to expand
Almighty God has devised a plan
A plan that all people may know
That He loves us all, he's told us so

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